Sada9a  is the first Mobile Application for Donations between individuals in Africa ❤️


The Sada9a application allows you to give and receive objects, Food, Knowledge or even Money!





Download the "Sada9a" App and turn your old items and clothes into Donations, Make people smile again 🙂


First, register on our Application first by entering a valid email address and associated password, you also have the option of registering using an existing Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook account.


Once registered, you can log into your Sada9a space using the email address used during registration or an existing Google+, Linkedin or Facebook account.

See your profile

After logging into the application, we recommend that you go to your profile to discover the different options available to you from your member area, namely: Online help, Refer a friend, view your Donations and Requests, see your archived Donations and Requests ...

Update your Profile

By clicking on the Stylus located in the upper right corner of the “Profile” page, you can modify your profile photo, specify a title (Mr. / Mrs.), add your phone number and enter your address. Your geographical position can be specified by simply clicking on “ Use my location ”. This will allow you to quickly locate the Donations and Requests around you!

Donations and requests around you

By clicking on the "Map" button on the home page, you will have an overview of the donations and requests around you. Make sure you have activated your geolocation to be able to access the Map (Google) with view the donations and requests around you!

Create your first donation or request

Now that you have successfully signed in and updated your profile, you can start Give & Receive with just one click!
From the home page, click on the “ Create ” button, and follow the creation of donation or request wizard, will you see it's quite simple? !

Reviews of the "Sada9a" App: What do our users think 🙂 ?